Menswear Trends For Spring/Summer 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Spring is almost here. So, why not go through this guide for some inspiration for your summer fashion?
red color trend summer menswear
1. Red: Red is all you need for the resonance with the morning summer sun. Its bright, stands out, and has so many shades to go with so many moods!

blue clothes for men spring summer
2. Blue: Blue is just the color to help you transition from fall to summer. Its got the icy feel, and even if you don double denim, no one can say you're so 2013, cuz now there's so much you can do with your outfit to make it look different from "just" a double denim look.
pathwork clothing men trendy
3. Patchwork: Ok, now i'm gonna go all cheap and suggest you opt for some old worn out clothes and try patching them up with pieces of cool textured cloth to make your outfit all cool and trendy for the summer.

long loose pants trend menswear
4. Loose Pants/Lowers: We all know this trend is gonna stay here for a while. So when someone tells you you look like a lafanga or a lofer, you can just laugh it off because omg it's a trend now! So duh!

menswear trends long coats
5. Long Coats: Ok, hear me out. I know its too hot in summers here in Pakistan, but if you're really really eager to look fashionable, you can go for a net-like cloth to make a long coat out of. Plus, cotton is one of those cloths you can make a long loose coat-like thing out of. Nice na?

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