Outfit Post: FSociety ft. Eleven Paris

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A couple of months ago I started following this really cool Instagram account @fsocietypk and I just fell in love with their cool pictures and artwork that they reposted. To find someone who could articulate mundanity through art in a desi expressionist kinda way was just an elating experience for me. And when I use the word experience, I mean it. Apart from music and art, F Society also has an online store to complete the "F Society Lifestyle."

F Society's Fahd was kind enough to send over some tees for me to try on. I also asked him a couple of questions about life and music. You can read my interview with him below and see the outfit details from one of the tees. They have amazing authentic tees from various international brands. The one in this post is from Eleven Paris. I just love the texture on it. But the shoes in the store are just aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! So cool!

Check out the whole online store at www.fsociety.pk

I feel so fat!!

Haseeb Sultan: So i see F Society as not just an online store. But kind of like a lifestyle curating entity. I wonder if you see it like that? Because its just so whole and aesthetically synchronized. Did you intend to start off that way?

Fahd FSociety: Yes, I do see it being a "lifestyle curating entity" since that has been my intention from the initial stages of this project. I want to create a cohesive page where our customers can get a feel of not only our collection but the concept and idea behind it, as well.

Haseeb Sultan: What do you aim to project? Like, what's on your mind that you wish to express through not just the specificity of the clothing items available, but the whole idea of F Society?

Like, if you were to define your aesthetic aims in terms of lifestyle, what would they be?

Fahd FSociety: The whole idea behind FSociety is being able to express your individuality and celebrate the differences through art/fashion. The whole concept of FSociety is that there's nothing wrong with challenging societal norms and being comfortable in your own skin.

Haseeb Sultan: Its kind of funny that you say it cuz i'm going through this phase right now where i feel like i am having a hard time fitting in. And my style is an extension of my existence. Its kind of hard to fit in when all one can do is stand out.

Which leads me to my question about F Society that what is the thought process that goes into you curating the things that go up on sale

Does "fitting out" come into play?

Fahd FSociety: "Fitting out" definitely comes into play when I'm curating things for the store. I always think about what's missing, what do we need to help people enhance their personal sense of style. Featuring brands that are low key yet well recognized in the world of fashion. Pieces that are simple and easy to dress up or down. Trying to find pieces that speak for themselves, depending on the print, fiber and overall design.

Haseeb Sultan: Hai na? I think there's just so much focus on the brand name here in pakistan rather than personal style that we just forget to curate our life....tastefully. The monotony is so suffocating.

I have been interested in how you repost so much art and photography on your instagram. And i'm kinda jealous how cooler you are than my zine. How did you come up with the idea to do that?

Fahd FSociety: Lol, I love your zine. In fact your zine was one of the first  ones I followed, because it mainly focuses on young Pakistani artists that need to be seen by rest of the world.

Since we're mainly an online store, I feel like it's necessary for me to show images and artwork that helps set the vibe of F Society.

Haseeb Sultan: Has it helped? Because i feel like the average desi internet user is not that interested in the intellectual expression of a brand. While there are connoisseurs of the concept (like me), i feel like the general mass is just....too focused on known brand names and the brand tag. Stylistic expression comes.....slow, if not at all

Would you like to comment on that?

Fahd FSociety: It has helped in some ways. I do have to agree that most people sometimes don't get it. But I feel like it still leaves an impression even if someone likes it or not. As time progresses I think people will slowly acquire the taste for it. I hope so.

I just discovered this music video....thought you might like it

Haseeb Sultan: Oh my god!! See! This is what i'm talking about!

This music video gives me so many feelings to feel! And i think with the whole presence of F Society, there's these kinds of.....eerie yet comforting emotions attached.

How do you find such cool things???

Fahd FSociety: I'm a huge music guy. If I hear something that sounds awesome, then I usually will try to find the video, check out other tracks and so on.

Haseeb Sultan: If there were a song to describe you and your creative expression, which one would it be?

Fahd FSociety: This really hard. I honestly can't decide, there's too many.

Haseeb Sultan: I would love to hear you talk about the importance of music in self expression

Fahd FSociety: Music is very important for self expression. It's an outlet like no other. It helps us describe our emotions our thoughts. It's very personal for some people.

For me it's almost like my identity.

Haseeb Sultan: What things you think make up a person's identity?

Fahd FSociety: It's different for everyone.

Haseeb Sultan: But what about you?

Fahd FSociety: Lol that's a very deep question.

It's just really complicated

Haseeb Sultan: Oh. Ok

Fahd FSociety: Love your posts too...very original.
Excited for fashion week?

Haseeb Sultan: Very. I'll be going this year as a photographer.
So lets see what i churn out.

Fahd FSociety: That's awesome

Do you have any fav designers showcasing

Haseeb Sultan: Republic!!!

But i'll miss it cuz i have my slam finals that eve

Fahd FSociety: That sucks

Haseeb Sultan: But fashion week is more like a social gathering. One gets to meet all the fashion frat so thats more exciting.

I am so excited for my slam. I won the regionals so i'm happy

Wasn't even expecting to win

Fahd FSociety: Oh okay I remember the slam finals

Haseeb Sultan: Its kinda scary cuz karachi and lahore have such talented people

Fahd FSociety: Congrats on winning regionals

Haseeb Sultan: Thank you!

Fahd FSociety: You'll do fine

Haseeb Sultan: Thank you for saying this. Really helps.

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