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Saturday, September 23, 2017

I got to try out the new Junaid Jamshed collection and i fell so in love with it, i bought lots of clothes. But most of all, I was really impressed with their sherwanis. I always thought designer wear would be the go-to for men when it comes to wedding as whatever i had seen in retail stores wasn't that exciting. But J Dot has some amazing sherwanis. Let me show you guys what they've got up their sleeve!

This Sherwani was my most fav up there.

I also discovered something called a fancy kurta, which is like a hybrid between a kurta and a sherwani. It's really nice for mehndi and dholki events.

But this sherwani's detailed embroidery stole my heart. Also because i love black! Haha.

Another black sherwani I fell for. It was so geometric with its Gatsby-ish embroidery in black. Oh, and the velvet one in deep dark purple.

How dope does the sherwani look!

Fully prepped for accessories for weddings! With wasitcoats, khussas, and AMAZING turbans!

Now for my photo shoot that I've been trying to make look very authentic and like a normal person's daily life embodiment.


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