J Dot Fragrances: 502 - Wasim Akram*

Monday, July 31, 2017

In Pakistan, it would be rare for a kid on the street to not know who Waseem Akram is. Waseem Akram has acquired a celebrity status only a few people in Pakistan have. Like Britney Spears or Taylor Swift have their perfumes, we in Pakistan didn't have a celebrity of that status from the media. Pakistanis devour sports, so it made sense to have Waseem Akram be the celebrity to represent the celebrity culture we have here in Pakistan; refined, hypermasculine and cliched.

So it came as a surprise when I got my hands on this perfume. It changes the perception of what you would expect a celebrity perfume to represent.


The perfume bottle is white and shaped like a cricket ball, like the previous version. As far its name goes, its titled such to represent the number of wickets Waseem Akram has taken in his career. The scent itself is actually very interesting. Its a bit on the citrus side with beachy summer vibes. It' sensual and does make one feel confident to wear it out. The details are below

Top: Cardamom, sweet orange, apple
Heart: Juniper berry, lavandin, clary sage absolute
Base: Ambertonic, patchouli heart N°3, oakmoss
The scent lasts fairly long enough for a few hours, which should get one through an event or a function but don't expect it to take you through the day.

 One of the issues I am concerned about though is the price. Priced at around 3300PKR, it comes under the same range as imported, or any foreign perfumes available. Would I go for it if I went to buy a perfume? I think I would. Its the true representation of where the modern Pakistani man stands today - Bold, Energetic, and interesting.

It can make for a great gift for a cricket fan.

 My opinion would be to go to a Junaid Jamshed outlet to try it out for yourself. It might surprise you like it did me. I always associated J Dot fragrances with Earthy, wooden, oudh-like scents. With 502, I have changed my mind and have become a fan of the new direction J Dot Fragrances have taken.

Do lemme know how you guys thought of the scent.

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