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Trust. Betrayal. Both are coexistant and dependant. It only hurts when you've known happiness. Let's not trust, let's not hurt.

Life will treat you the way you treat life. Karma's a b***h but you can tame a dog, if you work on it. It's all about how you handle everything

Crazy, Foolish, Young Life



An Analogy: Breaking the Shell

As I Leave a Loved Ground


Sometimes You're Scared, But Good Catches You While You Fall

Just Wait and It All Comes to You

Exams, Exams, Exams!

Near and Far: Weekly Photo Challenge

Free Spirit-Weekly Photo Challenge

She Is Gone

To Smile

A Special Announcement and 100th Post and 200 Subscribers Celebration!

Music in My World Besides Mainstream Pop


Summer Love: Sun and Glasses

The Eye Of The Horse/Look At Me

I Love Sunlight, Even in Summers! It makes me feel so motivated and warm!

The Innocence

Thanks for All The Awards!

Awaiting Answers; Awaiting You

The Clock Ticks For You

Aimless Wondering

Things Don't Need to Last Forever to Be Perfect


Oh My God! It's In My Bed!


The Fog-Key To Being Wise

Help Me Stop Bullying

From Rivals To Best Friends, All Due To My Teacher

Aren't we hypocrites?

Though my favourite colour is not Yellow but it is the colour I cannot live without.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Your Words Will Only Hurt You

My Spring Playlist