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Lend Me an Ear, and Look At Me


Let's Not be Too Quick to Judge: There's a difference b/w copying and trending!

I think it's very important to differentiate between fame and being recognized for your work. Working for fame is just...scary. It's kind of like a hollow fruit. But knowing the world recognizes you for your work, your skill, your art, THAT is what we should go for, in case we want fame. I think that this whole fascination with fifteen minutes of fame is scary. It ruins lives. It ruins ambitions. It ruins whatever you have inside you that can shine. Just...strive to be the best you, fame is not important. Just be yourself, your best self. Fame will come along if it has to.

PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week: Nomi Ansari’s Rang Mahal (Poetified)

I Have Exams. Please Pray that I Pass

If You Use Your Words As a Weapon, Then As a Weapon I'll Shed No Tears

LookILike: Ahmed Bham at the TDAP

TrendiLike: The Man Bag (or the satchel or the backpack or anything bag-like)

5 Must Watch Shows that are Underrated in Pakistan

Celebrity Crush: Zara Peerzada (AND HER INTERVIEW)

Celebrity Crush: Zara Peerzada (AND HER INTERVIEW)